Saddle Trial Info & FAQ

Saddle Trial Information & FAQ

All saddles over $500 include a trial and are eligible for return when purchased at asking price.

How long does the trial period last?

Local saddle trials last 3 days, and the trial begins the day after you pick up the saddle from the store.

Shipped saddle trials begin the day after you receive the saddle and lasts for 5 days. You have the option to return the saddle for a refund within the trial period. Click Here for return and refund policy

Note: Saddles purchased through "Make an Offer" or below listed price are for a FINAL SALE ONLY and NOT subject to a trial period with return option. ONLY saddles purchased at current asking price include a 5 day trial with return option. Click Here for return and refund policy

How do returns & refunds work?

Click Here for return and refund policy

How do local trials work?

To trial a saddle found in-store, a sales associate will assist you with the necessary paperwork. Local trials are 3 days long, beginning the day after picking up. A Credit Card and Driver's License are required to take a saddle on trial. If you cannot provide this, you will not be eligible to take a saddle out on trial locally. A pre-authorization for the amount of the saddle will be placed on the card, and can be voided should the saddle be returned. 

How do shipped trials work?

For a shipped trial, saddles are paid for in full PRIOR to shipment. If you decide to return the saddle during your trial period, then you must ship back at your expense. A refund is processed for your return after the saddle arrives back to us. Click Here for return and refund policy

Saddles purchased via "Make an Offer" are for a FINAL SALE ONLY with no return option for a refund. These saddles are not eligible for a shipped trial.  

**PLEASE NOTE: If a saddle is on trial and shipped back, customers are responsible for the 3% bank transaction fee and the cost of original shipping**

Please contact us with any questions concerning shipped trials.

Click Here for return & refund policy

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Can you put a saddle on hold?

In order to reserve a saddle, you must purchase the saddle prior to shipment or local pick-up. We do not place saddles on hold. If you would like to purchase a saddle to pick up locally from the store, you can go online and order the saddle where there is an option for "Pick Up" at checkout. You can also call the store and place your order over the phone.

Can I ride in the saddle?

Yes! Please feel free to ride in the saddle you have on trial, try it on different horses, and have others evaluate its suitability for your horse. Saddle(s) are expected to be kept and returned in the same condition as they left. A cover must always be kept on the saddle(s) when not in use, and the saddle must be stored properly and safely. 

Saddles may NOT be altered or adjusted during the trial period. Saddles with adjustable trees may NOT be adjusted during trial period. Saddles with an exchangeable gullet may NOT have the gullet plates changed out. If you would like a different gullet plate in the saddle, we will change it for you by request. If a saddle is altered, the saddle becomes owned by Buyer and full sale price of saddle plus applicable taxes and fees will be charged.

Can the trial period be extended?

If you are taking a saddle for a local trial, please discuss with a member of our Tack Team the possibility of purchasing the saddle with a week-long return period. Otherwise, saddle trial periods are firm at 3 days for local trials and 5 days for shipped trials. 

Should I clean the saddle before returning it?

Please do with the following in mind. We recommend using a slightly damp clean cloth to wipe off dirt, dust, and sweat, and a product like Tack Butter to further clean and condition the saddle. Please do not use traditional saddle soap or any harsh cleaners. Any cosmetic or structural damage or uncleanliness will be subject to cleaning or repair fees starting at $25 up to the full price of the saddle(s).

What happens if I am late returning the saddle?

For local trials, each day after day 3 of the trial will result in a $10 late fee charged from your card. Upon the close of business (5pm EST) on the 7th late day, the saddle(s) will be considered sold and the credit card written on this contract will be charged for the full amount of the saddle(s) plus all late fees and applicable taxes. This sale will be considered final- no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be allowed.

For shipped trials, you must notify us of your intent to return the saddle before the end of the 5th day of the trial. Clients are responsible for the cost of return shipping. If you fail to notify us of your intent to return the saddle by the close of business (5pm EST) on the 5th trial day, the sale will be considered final - no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be allowed. 

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