Saddle Trial FAQ

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How long is a saddle trial?

Local saddle trials last 3 days, and begin the day after you pick up the saddle from the store. The shipped saddle trial period begins the day you receive the saddle and lasts 5 days. 

How much does a saddle trial cost?

Local saddle trials do not cost anything, provided you follow our guidelines and return the saddle on time and in the same condition you received it in. Shipped saddle trials cost a restocking fee of $75 plus the cost of return shipping and insurance if you return the saddle, and are free if you keep the saddle.

Purchases made with PayPal will require an additional 3% restocking fee if the saddles is returned. 

How many saddles can I take on trial?

Locally, we limit saddles to one at a time. We have no limit for saddles going on shipped trials at this time.

I'm unable to ride this week, can you put a saddle on hold so I can trial it later?

We do not place saddles on hold. 

Can I ride in the saddle?

Yes! Please feel free to ride in the saddle you have on trial, try it on different horses, and have others evaluate its suitability for your horse.

Can I take a lesson in the saddle?


Can I ride in the saddle on my horse with no saddle pad?

We do not allow saddles to be ridden in with no saddle pad. 

Can I use my own stirrups and stirrup leathers?

Yes, unless you are trialling a calfskin saddle and do not have calfskin leathers. If that is the case, please let us know and we will lend or sell you calfskin leathers to use with the calfskin saddle. Please feel free to use whatever stirrups you prefer.

Can I take the saddle for a longer trial period?

If you are taking a saddle for a local trial, please discuss with a member of our Expert Tack Team the possibility of purchasing the saddle with a week-long return period. Otherwise, saddle trial periods are firm at 3 days for local trials and 5 days for shipped trials. 

Should I clean the saddle before returning it?

Please do! We recommend using a slightly damp clean cloth to wipe off dirt, dust, and sweat, and a product like Tack Butter to further clean and condition the saddle. Please do not use traditional saddle soap or any harsh cleaners.

What happens if I am late returning the saddle?

For local trials, each day after day 3 of the trial will result in a $10 late fee charged from your card. After one week, the remainder of the saddle price will be charged, and you will own the saddle. If an emergency is preventing you from returning the saddle, please contact us or have someone contact us on your behalf! 

For shipped trials, you must notify us of your intent to return the saddle within the 5 day trial period. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping and insurance If you notify us of your intent to return after the 5 day trial period, it will be a late fee of $100.

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