Our Services

Aiken Tack Exchange offers saddle fitting services along with alterations, repairs & refurbishment services for saddles and tack including the following & more:  

  • Saddle Fitting: $150.00                                (within 45 min radius from downtown Aiken, SC & please inquire for quote for further distance)         

  • Complete Reflock & Foam/CAIR/Flair to Wool Conversion for Panels: $375.00                

  • Flocking Adjustment: $100.00                      

  • Alignment/Straighten Crooked Panels: $100.00                                                                  

  • Widening Saddle Channel: $100.00                               
  • Nameplate Installation or Removal: $10.00+ 

  • Billet Replacement: $30.00 per billet      (**$50.00 fee if saddle requires disassembly)       

  • Girth Elastic End Replacement: $50.00+              

  • Basic Tack Repair: $10.00+
    (**price varies per service & any replacement parts)                                                        (loose stitching, broken leather & hardware, missing pieces, etc.)                                                            
  • Restoration, Refurbishment & Alterations: $25.00+  (**price varies per service & any replacement parts; please inquire for quote)                                  (adding or removing blocks, altering billet configuration, replacement of leather &/or padding on knee rolls, etc.)              
  • Gullet Plate Change for Exchangeable Gullet Saddles : $25.00  (Bates, Wintec, Arena, Pessoa, Ovation, Patrick Saddlery, Fairfax, Hastilow, Kent & Masters, Thorowgood, HDR, Collegiate, HDR, Cavaletti, Shires, WiseAir, Intrepid)

    **ATE no longer offers services for blankets, sheets, coolers, etc.**   

      If you are not local to Aiken, item(s) can also be shipped to us for service with customer being responsible for all shipping expenses.


      ***Customers must agree to pick up their completed items within 30 days of notification of completion. Should the item(s) not be picked up within 30 days of notification, the item(s) will become owned by Aiken Tack Exchange, LLC, by default