Saddle Trials

Aiken Tack Exchange accommodates both local and shipped trials. For a local trial, clients can take one or multiple saddles from the storefront for a 3 day trial period. A pre-authorization is required for the asking price of all saddles. Saddles purchased online for LOCAL PICK-UP are considered a local trial with a duration of 3 days. The saddle must be picked up within 48 hours of purchase, and the 3 day trial begins the day after pick up. If a saddle is purchased for a local trial and is not picked up within 3 days, the order is cancelled. The saddle may be purchased outright by the client if they are still interested, but will be treated as a final sale. 

For a shipped trial, clients will purchase the saddle(s) online at full asking price. The saddle(s) are then processed and shipped. The 5 day trial will begin the day AFTER the saddle is delivered, and clients will be contacted to verify delivery and duration of the trial period.. During this time, we encourage clients to put the saddle on their horse and ride, as well as speak with trainers or fitters. Clients are required to inform us of their final decision by the end of the 5th day. This means clients must call/text/email to verify they are either purchasing, or shipping the saddle back to us. Refunds are processed after the saddle returns to us and passes inspection. Please be mindful that saddles have to be inspected by managers and that will not always be right away.

*Refunds will have a 3% card transaction fee (charged by all banks) deducted, as well as cost of original shipping.

*Any saddle priced at $500 and under does not include a trial. 

If you know what you want and are looking to make an offer, please visit our page: Name Your Price