Saddle Trials

If you need a trial for a saddle, we allow 5 day shipped trials and 3 day local trials. If you are wanting to order a saddle online, there are 2 options available: we can ship the saddle or you can pick up the saddle from our store. If you are wanting to trial a saddle, you will not be allowed to make an offer or use our name your price program.

For a 5 day shipped trial, go to the saddle page that has your interest peaked, and buy the saddle for the current asking price. Once the saddle arrives to you, the next day your 5 day trial will start. During this period, you may trial the saddle, have your trainer or saddle fitter look at the saddle, and you make put the saddle on the horse and ride. Before (preferably) the 5th day of your trial, you will let us know if you will be keeping the saddle. If you decide to send the saddle back to us, please feel free to contact us to have our saddle fitter talk with you about different options that may work for you. You will be REFUNDED once the saddle arrives back to us and saddle passes inspection, (please be mindful that saddles have to be inspected by managers and that will not always be right away).

*Refunds will be the total amount minus a $25 restock fee, 3% credit card processing fee (which is charged by the banks) and shipping costs.

*Any saddle priced at $400 and under does not include a trial. 

If you know what you want and are looking to make an offer, please visit our page: Name Your Price