Stubben “D Genesis Deluxe C.L.” w Equi-Soft, 18” Seat, 27 Tree, Wool Flocked

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Stubben “D Genesis Deluxe C.L.” Dressage Saddle with Equi-Soft, 18” Seat, Stamped 27 Tree, Wool Flocked Panels

 - 18” Seat

- 27 cm Tree, which is technically Stubben’s Narrow Tree but it fits a wide variety of horses, especially those who need wither clearance and shoulder freedom)

- 16/16.25” Flap

- Wool flocked panels with rear gussets

- Item 1067-14

- Features Stubben’s Equi-Soft panels which means the seat of this saddle is divided into 2 separate parts; the philosophy behind is that it allows greater freedom of movement and adapts to the horse’s back

- The upgraded “Deluxe”Leather is Super Soft, Grippy and Supple yet Very Durable 

- The billets features elastic bungee bands attached to the top of the leather billets 

- Excellent Condition; Barely used and has been very well cared for; billets are great; no repairs are needed

- Made in Switzerland 

- “D Genesis Deluxe C.L. Equi-Soft” Dressage model made by Stubben 

- The base price of this saddle new started at $4595.00, but Stubben has discontinued this saddle with the Equi-Soft tree and all saddles with the Equi-Soft trees so these are now hard to find 

- More info about Stubben “D Genesis C.L.” Model: 

“From the “family” Genesis comes another offspring that is sure to please. The Genesis CL has security incorporated into the flap with its dual density, high wide block. Built on a half panel design, this “close contact” dressage saddle shares all the features given to the Genesis dressage saddle line with the added bonus of peace of mind” 




- “BIOMECHANICAL TREE THAT ADAPTS TO BACK MOVEMENT: The seat of the biomechanical tree is divided into two parts: facilitating freedom of movement and relieving pressure on the horse’s back while adapting to the rider’s movement.”


- “PREVENTATIVE SEAT: The biomechanical tree and special seat relieve pudendal nerve pressure, helping to prevent injuries in the reproductive area in both women and men.”


- “INCREASED VENTILATION TO THE HORSE’S BACK: The exclusive biomechanical tree improves aeration around the horse’s back, aiding in avoiding overheating muscles.”



The girth straps with elastic rings help relieve pressure, improve breathing, and allow expansion of the horse’s rib cage when needed”