Prestige “S1 Lux”, 17” Seat, Medium: 32-34 Tree (Adjustable)

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Prestige 2-Tree Jump Saddle, SUPER RARE FIND!!


Prestige “S1 Lux” Jump Saddle, 17” Seat, Medium: 32-34 Tree (Adjustable), Wool Flocked Panels, Black Leather, Innovative & Revolutionary 2-Tree Jump Saddle

- Item # 1067-13

- 17” Seat (Stamped 17 and measures 17”)

- 4.5/4.5” Gullet; Medium/Medium Wide Tree; Stamped “M” for size Medium which is the 32-34 cm tree size in this saddle; the tree is also fully adjustable per Prestige fitter/rep and by sending to the company for adjustments 

- This saddle has 2 different trees: 1 for the rider and 1 for the horse

- Flap length measures 13/13.25” 

- Wool flocked panels

- Very high quality and well constructed saddle built to last

- Black leather 

- The Premium Italian Lux leather on the flaps provides great softness and maximum durability as well as being waterproof

- Features a padded knee roll, front blocks and rear blocks 

- Made in Italy 

- Excellent condition; Barely used; Well cared for; No repairs needed 

- “S1 Lux” jump model made by Prestige 

- This is a discontinued product that can only be specially ordered direct from Prestige, and this is extremely rare to find a 2nd hand option on the market 

- Retails new for $6200.00+

- From the website: 


“Participants of show jumping competitions always confronted with two problems. The first concerns the mobility of the horse's back, which should be unfettered. It is, however, in contradiction to the second problem - the need of close contact in front part of the horse back. In response to this age-old conflict of interest arose saddle S1, representing the revolutionary idea of building a saddle. S1 is the only one in the market with a double saddle tree that guarantees to meet the needs of horse and rider. S1 is a short saddle, so that the horse retains full freedom of spine movement. Construction of the saddle perfectly eliminates the disadvantages associated with the possible asymmetries in the construction of horseback. S1 settles the rider closer to the front of the horse's back by at least 5 cm in relation to the standard saddles. The saddle has been designed based on the shock-absorber system that absorbs up to 50% of the forces during landing a horse after the jump.”


“The New Prestige S1 saddle is a revolutionary concept offering state of the art technology in a modern, yet elegant jumping saddle. The S1 incorporates two trees, an upper tree for the rider and a lower tree for the horse. The upper tree puts the rider in an accurate forward position for maximum balance and security. The lower tree is fit to the horse and is shorter than a traditional tree. This ensures total freedom of movement for both the shoulder and the back. There is a shock absorbing mechanism between the two trees. In the moment of landing, the force of impact of the weight of the rider on the horse’s shoulders is 30-50% less because of this mechanism. The S1 sports the Prestige SF concept (shoulder free) which is a molded half moon shape at the tree point which allows easy, free shoulder movement under the tree. The shorter lower tree and the SF panel allow the horse to lift its shoulders effortlessly, whether it’s doing flatwork or over fences. The S1 boasts traditional double oiled calfskin on the knee and seat for better grip and comfort. Premium Italian Lux leather on the flaps provides great softness and maximum durability as well as being waterproof! The S1 has the adjustable Prestige tree and wool flocking for a custom fit with maximum comfort for the horse. It is available in seat sizes 16”, 17”, and 18” and flaps can be standard, +2cm, or +4 cm forward. Q: You've ridden with the new S1 jumping saddle. What were your first impressions regarding the seat? Janne Friederike Meyer: At the start I had my doubts. I felt I was sitting too far above the horse because of the two saddles. I very soon changed my mind, though. Q: How did your first jumps go with this saddle? Janne Friederike Meyer: Unbelievably well. I felt very safe. The upper frame is very plainly in a more forward position compared with a traditional saddle. For that reason you have the sensation that nothing can happen to you because you're sitting on the stillest part of the horse. I've kept the saddle and have no intention of handing it back because it makes me feel so safe. Q: What advantages are there for the horse? Janne Friederike Meyer: Obviously, the lower frame is located very much more to the rear, meaning that there is no contact with the shoulders. The horse is able to move in complete freedom, something that is never possible under normal conditions because a jumping saddle always impinges in one way or another on the shoulders of the horse. Just take my stallion, Clarimo, for example. I had the sensation he was improving from one jump to the next because he felt increasingly free about the shoulders.”