BRAND NEW Black Country “Vinici” Dressage Saddle, 17.5” Seat, Medium Wide Tree, Wool Flocked Panels

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 BRAND NEW Black Country “Vinici” Dressage Saddle, 17.5” Seat, Medium Wide Tree, Wool Flocked Panels

- 17.5” Seat (stamped 17.5 and measures 17.5”)

- 5” Gullet; Medium Wide Tree; The tree can be adjusted up or down by a Black Country rep/fitter)

- Flap length measures 15.75/16” 

- Wool flocked panels with front shoulder gussets and rear gussets 

- The shorter panels will accommodate a horse with a shorter back 

- The leather is Super Soft, Grippy and Supple 

- Excellent Condition; This saddle is brand new and has only been girthed up a handful of times

- Made in England 

- “Vinici” dressage model made by Black Country


- Retails new for $5305.00-$5570.00+ so this is a rare opportunity to save thousands on a brand new Black Country saddle 


- Manufacturer’s Description: 

“The Vinici dressage saddle’s mono flap design and overlay billet system offer outstanding closeness and feel. The medium deep seat, modest  twist and  supportive thigh block configuration offer comfort, non-restrictive security and correct balance.”


“Endorsed by Maria Griffin and Ellie Coletti.

The Vinici Dressage saddle’s single/mono flap offers an outstanding closeness, maximising the contact between you and your horse. The absence of an outer flap helps to achieve the feeling of a narrower twist, especially beneficial on wider fit horses. The medium deep seat and knee roll configuration offer non restrictive security and support for the correct posture. The flexible overlay girthing system lies neatly between the cushioned sweat flap, so as to avoid any discomfort.

Panels are designed to distribute weight evenly over a wide surface, A wide selection of trees and panel options allow us to adapt the fit for all types of horses.”


“Black Country Saddles are made on British wood laminated spring trees, predominantly manufactured by Lariot and Lightwood. Each is crafted to its own specifications, depending on the profile requirements of the horse and the design of the saddle. Most trees come with a full 10 year guarantee and all are adjustable up to one width fitting either way. This alteration can be made at the factory or by an authorized repair agent.”