SOLD 2015 CWD 2GS SE30 Saddle, 17.5 Seat, Medium/Medium Wide treel

SOLD 2015 CWD 2GS SE30 Saddle, 17.5 Seat, Medium/Medium Wide treel

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Price: $4750 (retails for $8100)
Brand: CWD
Model: SE30 2GS (Hunter model)
Year: 2015
Style: English/Jump/Close Contact
Seat Size: 17.5/17.75" (stamped 17.5" and Size 2 according to CWD)
Gullet: Medium/Medium Wide (measures 4.75/5")
Flap Length: 14.75/15" (stamped 3L)
Front Blocks: Yes (medium according to CWD)
Rear Blocks: Yes (small according to CWD)
Flocking: Foam
Gusseted Panels: No
Leather / Synthetic: 100% Buffalo Leather
Color: Dark Brown
Condition: Pristine condition, Barely used
Comes With: Matching saddle cover
Serial Number / Stamp:

SE30 S2 TC 3L
15 35337

Special Features:
- This saddle is being sold for the original owner who custom ordered brand new from CWD and took immaculate care of it while owning it since 2015
- Hunter model
- Upgraded buffalo leather
- 2GS by CWD Technology which includes the following listed below:
- Carbon Fiber Kevlar composite tree
- Embedded Carbon seat enables the rider’s center of gravity to be 1.5 cm (019/32") closer to the horse
- Reinforced pro-active flaps maintains the rider's leg firmly in place
- Gel padding in specific areas of the seat improves the rider’s comfort, guaranteeing a more ergonomic and precise design
- Dynamic tree which adapts to horse's morphology
- Carbon stirrup bars are 10 times lighter and 4 times stronger than traditional ones
- Shaped saddle flaps ensure perfect contact and placement of the rider’s legs
- Stirrup leather surcingles positioned lower to reduce the thickness under the skirt
- Saddle reacts to the movements of both horse and rider

Fittings such as stirrup irons, stirrup leathers, girths, saddle covers, etc. also available for purchase :)

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